Halloween Safety Tips

Trick-or-treat night is quickly approaching which means it’s time to give your kids a refresher on proper Halloween safety. From costumes to walking door-to-door, a few simple pieces of advice can go a long way this Halloween. Check out these Halloween safety tips courtesy of Randall Noe Ford!

Halloween Safety Tips

Never Go Inside

While most homeowners will sit out on the porch or hand out candy from their front door, a few might ask children to step inside. It’s extremely important to warn your children against doing so. If the homeowner insists the child come inside in order to get candy, it may be time to get the authorities involved.

Double Check Masks

Double check that your child’s Halloween costume mask fits well and doesn’t obstruct their vision or breathing. Even a minor discomfort can evolve into something worse after a few hours of trick-or-treating. Makeup makes for a great alternative to most conventional masks.

Go With a Group

Heading out for a night of candy gathering is more fun with a group. Not only that, but there’s safety in numbers. Drivers can easily spot a larger group of children as opposed to a sole child. Get together a group and head out for trick-or-treat night with a calm mind.

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